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History - Cawston 1595 - 1605

Baptisms Cawston  Church 1813 - 1880   

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John Bradburne. John was the son of the Rev T.W.Bradburne who was the Vicar of Cawston 1933-1946, to Learn more visit the John Bradburne web site
(A Documentary Video is in the Cawston Archive).


Day John      also see:-  Wikipedia - John Day


Family Deeds

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Norfolk Transcriptions Documents

Saul Family   Researching Sole, Saul, Sewell, Solley and similar names.

Saul Family  Saul Family History from Cawston to Kempsey.

Stevens Maria


Wells George

A Fearful Freedom By Robert Hammond:-
Survival story of Jim Wright behind the lines in Japanese occupied territory 1941-1945.
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A Short History of a Norfolk Village by John Kett 1993

Caustoniana: or twelve discoures addressed to the inhabitants
of Cawston by Thomas Bowman

Cawston Past and Present. Cawston School Project. (1958)

Church History leaflets obtainable from
St', Agnes Church.

Cawston in Literature as suggested by Michael Yaxley.

History Today, Vol 36 (April 1986)

Notes on the Church of St. Agnes 1953
by the Rev E. F. W. Ames Rector of Cawston 1946 - 1964

S. Agnes Church - Notes on the history of the Church
Written by John Kett, Illustrations by Anthony B. Butler

St. Agnes', Church. "Guide"
The following people helped in compiling this guide:
Felicity Wilkins, John Kett, Michael Stallard, Peter Walder.

Books Containing Cawston History:

Cawston in Literature:

“Moab is my Washpot” (1999) is a autobiographical novel written by Stephen Fry (1957) who once attended Cawston primary school. In this novel he recalls Cawston school. His eloquence in describing his early life at Cawston school in  MS. Medlar’s class is beautifully written and a joy to read.

Church expert and clerical mystery writer Kate Charles (b 1950) sets her “Evil Angels Among Them (1995) in the fictional village of “Walston”. This word is based on two of her favourite churches, Salle and Cawston. Her story, a clerical mystery is set around the church of ‘St. Michael and All Angels’ which in fact is
Cawston church. In her book she describes the spectacular angel roof and the medieval painting over the chancel arch. Not far from the church is ‘Walston Manor’ and the ‘Queens Head’ pub which features Anne Boleyn on its sign.

Kate Charles writes in her book, “this is not the sort of church one might expect to find in a small rather undistinguished Norfolk village like Walston; its size bespoke past glories of which scarcely a trace remained. Built in the Perpendicular style, its exterior, crowned by a massive square tower, was a marvel of flushwork in Norfolk flint, and the interior, with its vast expanses of clear glass in the side aisles and the deep clerestory, was irradiated with the sort of light that is only found in East Anglia, as the sky had somehow found a way to invade the church.”

Brian Cooper’s Norfolk novels all have something special about them. He created “Salleston” (Salle and Cawston) in his novel “Covenat with Death” (1994). The mystery is about the legendary theft of a parapet and pinnacles of
Cawston church tower.

Michael Yaxley, Bonn, July 2006.

Centenary of Cawston Voluntary School 1871-1971.
Looking back into the past.

Echoes of the Good & Fallen - Angels De Cawston - Norfolk.

Parish Magazines Published every month.

Red Jungle by John Cross, D.C.M:-
Three British Survivors of a radio party who
met up with Jim Wright, See A Fearful Freedom by Robert Hammond above.

Recommended Reading as Suggested by Michael Yaxley Click Here

The Squires of Heydon Hall - Jane Preston

Walter Rye, An Account of the Church and Parish of Cawston (1898)
                                                                                    Only 100 Printed.

Within These Ancient Walls. Discovering St. Agnes’ Church.
                                                by Susie Timms.  Click Here to Buy.

Yesterday's Children -Tales of Cawston's Past by John Kett. (1980)

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